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Packaging is Branding

Studies have shown that over 70% of purchasing decisions are made in-store, sparked by an impulse that comes at the first moment of truth (FMOT).

That's why Diamond's packaging experts create upscale brand ambassadors that attract the consumer’s attention when and where it matters most—at the point of sale.

Transform Your Brand

Request our folding carton sample kit, which includes examples of different substrates and decorative options, all designed to support the packaging design ideation process. We'll help you transform your brand to win at retail. The only limit is your imagination.

Go ahead, let your imagination run wild.

Your brand deserves it.


CBD Packaging

Diamond's CBD packaging is ideal for hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) products that contain less than 0.3% THC. Our designs incorporate many of the enhancements found in our other retail package designs:

  • SBS, recycled, or hemp paperboards
  • Customizable paperboard inserts
  • Specialty coatings (e.g., soft touch)
  • Foil
  • Embossing / Debossing
  • Smart tags

Innovative Structural Design

  • Diamond's award-winning design engineers create packaging that is both innovative and sustainable
  • Materials, product protection, usability, and billboard space are all considered

Specialty UV Coatings

  • Protects and enhances your packaging
  • Choose from Emboss, Glitter, Pearl, Texture, and Soft Touch
  • Visual and tactile effects promote consumer interaction

Cold Foil

  • Cost effective, in-line alternative to metallized polyester film or specialty foil board
  • Overprinting offers a limitless palette of color options
  • Precise registration between foil and overprinted inks, coatings
  • Flexibility to produce large, solid areas with fine detail, halftones, small fonts, and knockouts

Hot Foil Stamping

  • Noticeable increase in brilliance compared to foil board
  • Available in a variety of colors, finishes and effects
  • In-house production results in shorter lead times


  • Choose from embossing, multi-level embossing, and debossing
  • Lends distinction and depth to a product
  • Visual and tactile effects promote consumer interaction

Metallized Mylar

  • The ultimate in reflectivity and brilliance
  • Mirror-like finish is a perfect choice for upscale or luxury packaging (e.g., cosmetics, fragrance)


  • Windows are affective method of displaying your product or primary package
  • Choose from cellophane, rigid or micro-perforated windows
  • In-line windowing option available

Unique Paperboards

  • Choose from a variety of coated, uncoated, textured, or pearlescent paperboards (many FSC-certified)
  • Enhance with UV specialty coatings, foil, and embossing
  • Visual and tactile effects promote consumer interaction

Smart Packaging

  • Diamond leads in the digital transformation of products
  • Connected packaging - through anti-diversion (AD) coding and serialization - supports Anti-Counterfeiting and Track and Trace initiatives
  • Interactive NFC smart tag technology enables brands to connect directly with consumers

Sustainable by Design

  • All structures are designed to be right sized, avoiding unnecessary consumption and waste
  • In-line converting techniques minimize material and energy costs associated with multiple runs or off-line production processes.
  • All packaging is manufactured using 100% clean, renewable wind energy and produced in a Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill (ZMWL) facility.

About Diamond Packaging

Founded in 1911, Diamond Packaging is a WBENC-certified, global industry leader specializing in developing innovative and sustainable packaging.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, Diamond designs and manufactures paperboard and plastic folding cartons, counter-top displays, and blister cards.

Diamond differentiates itself through award-winning creative designs, packaging innovation/technical expertise, its greenbox sustainability initiative, and the Global Packaging Alliance® (GPA).


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