The Flaunt
Speed inspires the Flaunts, with a series of teal and bright yellow tones adorning a premium leather construction. The Flaunt is the first pair within the upcoming series Flaunt 1x
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Custom Flaunts

Design your own pair of custom shoes with Flaunt to fit your own individual character and way. Start with your preferred Flaunt base color, whether its teal, yellow, or any color you desire then add your own touch by selecting graphics, laces, and eyelets.

Show off your skillz!

You need shoes you can count on. The Flaunt with its comfortable high-top and leather skin helps you stay in style, while the white laces create the contrast to help you stand out. The Flaunt will always be your go-to item when you are on the go.

Stunning and light 

We designed the Flaunt to help you walk, run, and dance. This requires a shoe designed with special material that keeps it lightweight and sturdy at the same time.  

Make your mark

Don't just walk, make a mark. Every Flaunt comes with a beautifully designed sole to show creative expression and help you leave an unmistakable mark behind you.