Animals of the Savanna
Introducing Diamond Packaging's 2022 Calendar, which celebrates the company's sustainability and conservation efforts through its partnership with the Seneca Park Zoo.
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Diamond Packaging is proud to present our wildest calendar yet. Naturally.

Our 2022 calendar celebrates the company's sustainability and conservation efforts through its partnership with the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY. Diamond has a long-standing relationship with the zoo and proudly supports the organization through donations, participation in their Environmental Innovation Awards, and annual Earth Day events.

The header features Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan Laura Wilder’s “Animals of the Savanna” print commissioned by the Seneca Park Zoo. It commemorates the Animals of the Savanna Exhibit expansion, which features Masai giraffes, zebras, ostriches, a southern white rhino, and over a dozen other species.

Laura graciously allowed us to use this image and collaborated with us to incorporate it into the calendar design.

Seneca Park Zoo also collaborated on the design and provided photos of the animals shown in the backers.

Diamond Packaging 2022 Calendar Header

Transforming Brands

Diamond's 2022 calendar features several decorative options, all designed to support the packaging design ideation process. It also showcases the type of decorative effects that can cost-effectively transform your brand

The only limit is your imagination. Go ahead, let your imagination run wild.

Your brand deserves it.

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Creative Design

  • Diamond's award-winning team collaborated with Laura Wilder to develop another beautifully-decorated structural and ornamental piece 
  • Specialty printing and coating effects combined with intricate embossing details create visual interest
  • All cutting dies and counter plates were made in-house by the skillful hands of experienced craftspeople, ensuring the accuracy of each die
Creative Design

Four Color Offset Printing

  • Four-color process printing delivers the WOW factor on the calendar and the pages
  • Diamond employed its Heidelberg XL106 10-color offset printing press, which represents the state-of-the-art in package printing technology, providing an unprecedented combination of cost innovation and sustainability
  • The calendars were converted utilizing Clearwater ReMagine™ 30% PCW paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four color process inks, in-line with UV matte, aqueous, and soft touch coatings.
Four Color Offset Printing

UV and Specialty Coatings

  • Tightly-registered coatings were used to enhance the design and highlight the individual calendar components
  • UV Matte coating was used on the trees, grass, and animals
  • Aqueous coating was used on the sky and backgrounds to add contrast
  • Soft touch coating adds a tactile effect to the giraffe and zebra
UV Coatings

Cold Foil

  • Cold foil delivers shimmering metallic effects on the 2022 and Diamond Packaging text in the bottom backer
  • Cold foil is a cost effective, in-line alternative to metallized polyester film or specialty foil board
  • Overprinting offers a limitless palette of color options
  • Precise registration is maintained between the foil and overprinted inks and coatings
Cold Foil

Embossing and Debossing

  • Multi-level embossing lends distinction and depth to the design
  • Many of the header components were embossed, including the iron gates, trees, animals, and text
  • Subtle debossing frames the entire calendar
  • Select backers components (including the lion, rhino, elephants, and Seneca Park Zoo text) were also embossed to add more depth and realism
  • Visual and tactile effects promote consumer interaction
Embossing and Debossing

Calendar Pages

  • The calendar pages were converted utilizing Domtar Cougar Natural Smooth 80# Text paper and offset printed with four color process inks and UV matte coating
  • The watermarks continue the image printed on each of the three panels underneath
  • The unique finish and subtle colors beautifully complement the design concept
Calendar Pages


  • The recyclable shipper was converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce® SBS paperboard laminated to E-flute corrugated fiberboard, and offset printed with four color process inks, in-line with aqueous gloss coating
  • It was designed to maintain integrity of the piece during shipping and storage
  • It is artfully decorated with the custom giraffe pattern from Laura Wilder's “Animals of the Savanna” print
The recyclable shipper was converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce® SBS paperboard laminated to E-flute corrugated fiberboard, and offset printed with four color process inks, in-line with and aqueous gloss coating.

Sustainable by Design

  • The calendar was produced utilizing ReMagine™ paperboard made with 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) fiber
  • In-line converting techniques minimize material and energy costs associated with multiple runs or off-line production processes
  • Paperboard components were manufactured using 100% clean, renewable wind energy and produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) and Carbon Neutral (Scope 1 and Scope 2) facility
Sustainable Packaging

Metal Magic

Take a peek at the dies used in the production of Diamond's 2022 calendar.

Metal Magic provided all of the embossing dies after reviewing the graphic and structural design layouts with the Diamond production team.

A collaborative effort between Metal Magic’s designers and Diamond’s lead embossing operator, led to suggestions on optimizing the embossing and debossing dies to add more realism to the design.

About Laura Wilder

After getting her degree in art and spending several years as a graphic designer and commercial illustrator, Laura discovered the designs and philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement. Inspired, she learned printmaking, and submitted her vintage-style block prints and paintings to the Roycroft Renaissance Jury. Approved, she became a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan, and was soon elevated to Master Artisan status. Being certified to put the “RR” mark on one's work indicates very high quality in design and hand-craftsmanship.

Laura has won many awards and prestigious commissions over the past twenty-five years. Her work can be seen at art festivals, in galleries, and shops nationwide. For more information visit

Laura Wilder, Master Artisan

About Seneca Park Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo inspires our community to connect with, care for, and conserve wildlife and wild places.

The Zoo is open 362 days a year and is home to three Masai giraffes that you can visit with year-round. The Zoo also offers giraffe feeding opportunities.

 For more information visit

A Wilder Vision

Over the next several years, Seneca Park Zoo is undergoing an awe-inspiring transformation. This will include increasing the Zoo footprint by 20%, adding new species, best-in-class habitats, and improved guest services.

Diamond Packaging 2022 Calendar

About Diamond Packaging

Founded in 1911, Diamond Packaging is a WBENC-certified, global industry leader specializing in developing innovative and sustainable packaging.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, Diamond designs and manufactures paperboard folding cartons, counter-top displays, and blister cards.

Diamond differentiates itself through award-winning creative designs, packaging innovation/technical expertise, and its greenbox sustainability initiative.

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