Your brand deserves the best. Wrap it in foil.
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Request our folding carton sample kit, which includes examples of different substrates and decorative foil options, all designed to support the packaging design ideation process. We'll help you transform your brand to win at retail.

Foil Adds Value

Studies have shown that packaging decorated with foil rates over 80% higher than non-foil packaging in quality, appeal, value, and brand awareness.

Attract attention faster. Retain attention longer. With foil.


Foil Adds Luxury...Sustainably

Cold foiling is a cost effective and sustainable alternative to metallized film or foil board.

In-line techniques, such as cold foil, are more sustainable, especially when factoring in the material and energy costs associated with multiple runs or off-line production processes. Also, the foiled cartons are fully recyclable.


Cold Foil, Hot Foil, or Mylar?

Proprietary manufacturing methods allow us to produce all types of packaging cost effectively and with excellent results. From a manufacturing standpoint, the finished appearance is similar but each offers their own advantages:

Cold Foil

  • Cost effective, in-line alternative to metallized polyester film or specialty foil board
  • Overprinting offers a limitless palette of color options
  • Precise registration between foil and overprinted inks, coatings
  • Flexibility to produce large, solid areas with fine detail, halftones, small fonts, and knockouts

Hot Foil Stamping

  • Noticeable increase in brilliance compared to foil board
  • Available in a variety of colors, finishes and effects
  • In-house production results in shorter lead times

Metallized Mylar

  • The ultimate in reflectivity and brilliance
  • Mirror-like finish is a perfect choice for upscale or luxury packaging (e.g., cosmetics, fragrance)

About Diamond Packaging

Founded in 1911, Diamond Packaging is a WBENC-certified, global industry leader specializing in developing innovative and sustainable folding cartons.

Diamond delivers upscale brand ambassadors that attract the consumer’s attention when and where it matters most—on the store shelf. Whether through visual or tactile cues, the only limit is your imagination.

Go ahead, let your imagination run wild.

Your brand deserves it.

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