Straight Shooters
Smart investing is about discipline, patience, and deliberate strategies. We strip away the hype and focus on what is real.

No-nonsense approach

At our firm, the investment model drives the business model, rather than the other way around. We incorporate ideas from academic research that are applicable to our investors, and search for proven concepts that work through time. We test everything we do with our own quantitative research to be sure concepts hold up in the real world. The result is a robust investment model that should generate real value for our clients.

Individual investors
We focus on generating the best return net of fees and taxes.
Institutional services
Our strategies are based on research produced in the academic field.
Corporate services
We help you enhance your fiduciary obligations while reducing costs and improving performance.

About Armbruster Capital

Armbruster Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor. We do not accept:

  • Any commission compensation
  • Third-party remuneration

We are independently owned and operated to remove conflicts of interest that could bias our advice.

We work for you.