Are you frustrated with your job?
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This is Kefase Joshua Hlajoane, and I'm going to briefly share my story with you.

I was a privately employed maths and science teacher, who wanted to improve my self-esteem and (at least) double my income within 12 months. 

But I was stuck and felt like I was an underachiever because every attempt I made, whether by opening my own business, going back to varsity or applying for a better paying job, failed.

After many struggles I discovered the material in this course - how to use my whole range of intelligences to turn my career around. Whereas I had not been getting any replies to my job applications before, I started receiving favourable responses even when I applied for jobs that didn't exist, and were not advertised.

More important than those results was who I became in the process of achieving my goals. I discovered my essence - that I am more than just a body or a mind - but a person with a whole range of intelligences.

I invite you to LEARN MORE about how you too can get out of the career rut you find yourself in.

A few details about the course are listed below.


  • Find out why people are persistently frustrated to a point of saying, “I want to quit my job.”
  • Discover why it could be that you are being persistently denied respect, recognition or reward at work.
  • Learn how to recognize the full range of powers you were born with to boost your self worth and sense of fulfilment.
  • Find out how to map out your career transformation journey - without having to go back to college or varsity... and in just 7 steps. (You just can't solve your career problems being the same old you.)
  • Discover how what you love to do, and can actually do well, could pave the way along the journey of your transformation.
  • Learn how to properly apply the universal, undisputed laws of nature to cause either current or prospective employers to give you an interview even for jobs that were not advertised.
  • Learn how to make a presentation of your abilities and skills before employers in a way that will increase your chances of success with the new job or position you'll set out to get on your own terms.


  • is called "Leveraging Whole Person Empowerment";
  • consists of 7 online lessons;
  • takes only 14 days;
  • will cost $297 in the near future (which is nothing compared to the tremendous benefits your career is about to yield for you);
  • But we happen to be testing it for FREE now for a small group of students.

What should you do now? To start doing this course for FREE, and put an end to your job frustration, REGISTER NOW.

Learn From Anywhere
View video lessons on your computer or smartphone from just anywhere.
Regain Your Self Worth
Make your opinion matter. Don't miss any more opportunities to get more reward out of your career, be it in earnings or in job satisfaction.
Engage Your Boss
Learn how to engage your current or prospective boss so that he/she becomes a WILLING participant in your career success. Make it "irresistible" to promote you or give you the job you want - even when it's not advertised.