How to Build A Better Package the Diamond Way
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The 'WOW' Factor

Diamond's designers can create a one-of--kind experience. For example, as the consumer unboxes the kit the products lift out towards them, creating a very 'uplifting' experience.

Left Brain, Right SIzed

All structures are designd by left brains to be right sized, avoiding unnecessary material consumption and waste.

Packaging is Branding

Structural and subtle visual cues suggest a sub-brand that dares to be a little different.

Clean Energy

All packaging is manufactured with 100% clean, renewable wind energy, consistent with Aspirational's values.

Zero Landfill

In 2014 Diamond achieved zero waste to landfill status, becoming the first U.S.-based folding carton supplier to achieve the distinction.

Make a Difference

On-product labeling encourages consumers to do the little things that make a big difference, helping to shape cultural norms. Add any of these logos:

  • FSC certified paperboard
  • Mobius recycling or recycled symbol
  • Wind energy
  • Zero Landfill


Diamond can apply ThinFilm NFC tags to help brands easily connect with consumers through smart packaging.

  • Simple, instant consumer engagement and brand protection 
  • Affordable item-level intelligence with smartphone interactivity
  • Easily integrated into folding cartons
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